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David StraubingerDavid Straubinger received his musical training at Julliard School of Music and Jordan School of Music. He played for six years with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. In 1969, he started a business rebuilding and repairing woodwind instruments for professional musicians and their students. The problems encountered in rebuilding and repairing flutes led him to develop a new concept in pad design. After four years of extensive research, David was awarded a patent on that concept and design. This pad design and the precision repair techniques developed with it would ultimately revolutionize the flute industry worldwide. The Straubinger™ Pad has become an icon that has raised the bar of expectations and possibilities for all flutists and wind players. This search for excellence led ultimately to the development of the Straubinger Flute.

David Straubinger interviewed by Heidi Kay Begay.
Link here if you are unable to see the podcast below.

David StraubingerJoel Straubinger has worked at his father's side in repair from the age of eight. He started working full time with his father in 1993, repairing flutes and making parts for the pads. Since then Joel has become a master repair technician able to completely rebuild a flute. He has completed repair work for some of the finest flutists in the world. In addition to his superior repair knowledge, Joel has built many flutes from start to finish with tremendous success. All of these talents and skills were acquired early in his career thanks to the enthusiasm of a father and son team.

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