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Straubinger Flutes
Straubinger Flutes
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Straubinger Flutes is committed to excellence. We offer a flute designed to help you, the player, realize your highest artistic expectations.

The head joint is the most personal aspect of the flute. For that reason, we make a variety of head joints. If you desire, alterations may be made to any head joint so that it fits your personal needs. It is recommended that you come to our shop when picking up your new flute so that we can work with you in finding the head joint that best suits you.

The body is made of silver or gold. The tone holes are soldered to the body to extremely close tolerances that ensure perfect intonation and precise seating of the pads. The body can be built for A442 scale. flute body

The keys are painstakingly fitted and made on the body, not on jigs, for proper alignment. Traditional pointed French style arms are used on all non-touched pad cups for beauty and added strength. Key regulation is made in the traditional, most permanent way with no adjusting screws. All levers are designed for your ultimate playing comfort. These levers and the tension on the 10 karat gold springs can be adjusted for your individual preference and needs. flute body

The StraubingerTM Pad is a standard feature of the Straubinger Flute. In the past, pads have been the most problematic area of the flute. In an effort to eliminate this problem, David Straubinger developed a new* concept in pad design. The result is a pad that can be adjusted more precisely and will maintain those adjustments. These pads, which are designed specifically for the handmade flute, are still carefully leveled in the traditional way with shims.

If you have questions or would like to place an order, please email or call (317) 784-3012.

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