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customer comments

Here is what our customers have to say about the Straubinger™ Pad for flutes and clarinets.

Andras Adorjan, Soloist and Professor of Flute, Munich, Germany
"My flute has never before worked so well for such a long period of time, without having had to be fixed by a repairman."

Günther Rumpel, Soloist Tonhalle-Crchester Zürich and Lehrer an der Hochschule fü Musik Theater Zürich (formerly Conservatory of Zürich)
"During the last decades many efforts have been taken to improve the pads on woodwind instruments, especially on flutes. The target is to improve the precision, the stability, and of course the durability of the flute pad on one side and to reduce the noise, and the stickiness of the felt and the fishskin (goldbeater skin) on the other side. Different manufacturers tried various ways to get the perfect flute pads. Straubinger Pads brought up the best improvements in my experience. (On my own instruments, on instruments of my colleagues and on the instruments of my students) Straubinger Pads are recommendable and they show the way to a new quality standard."

George Koregelos, President, Koregelos Flutes, Oakland, California
"In my experience as a repairman and flute maker, I have never seen a pad as durable as the Straubinger™ Pad. Because of its unique design, this pad absolutely does not warp on the edges."

Hans Erik Bye, Repairman, Lillestrom, Norway
"I have put Straubinger pads on a Miyazawa 14K gold flute, belonging to the principal flutist of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and now everybody wants to have them on their flutes!!"

Russ Lewis, Repairman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"Many thanks for introducing me to your pads - they are a joy to play on and to work with, and have had a profound effect on my repair business. I have used them in several overhauls and the results have been fantastic. As soon as I used the first set for a customer I was so excited that I immediately started to repad my own flute which I had previously been satisfied with! Like most good ideas, your design now seems obvious. The design concepts behind the pads are so clear and compelling that the reaction of players is amazement that makers haven't been doing this all along. Also, the blend of new and traditional technology is a real tribute to your desire to make the best possible pad."

Jacob L. Berg, Principal Flute, St. Louis Symphony, Missouri
"The pads look beautiful and cover perfectly with the lightest finger pressure; everything is smooth and quiet. Thanks for taking the trouble to do such a marvelous job - I can't imagine how an overhaul could be better."

Roberta Brokaw, Professor of Flute, California State, Hayward, California
"Just wanted to tell you that your new pads are terrific! George Koregelos just put a set in my Haynes, and I'm most happy with these pads. The flute seems exactly the same, each and every day; this is a new sensation for me. Friends listening to a recent performance reported greater firmness of tone, better projection. I feel better intonation and more consistent response. These new Straubinger Pads are really fantastic! The flute feels exactly the same, day after day -- very solid and reliable."

Suzanne Farley, Flutist, Indianapolis, Indiana
"I believe it has been almost six years since you first installed your pads on my Prima. There were a few minor adjustments at the time, then I had perhaps only one other visit for a mechanical item. When I brought my flute to you this past March, it had been well over three years since I had any kind of work done. Even then, the work was primarily mechanical and no pads needed replacing. The pads seem to be extremely durable and resistant to temperature and humidity changes. I have not experienced response problems when taking my flute in and out of air conditioning or high humidity.; With the climate here, that could be a big problem for many players."

Angela Koregelos, Flutist, Oakland, California
"I just want to let you know how much I like your Straubinger™ Pads. Since I had a set put in my flute, I've enjoyed the solid response and touch, especially in the low register.; I also appreciate the fact that the pads don't shift, regardless of how much playing I do. Thanks for a wonderful product."

Larry Krantz, Flutist, owner of Larry Krantz Flute Pages
"I was recently in Bob MacDonald's shop for one of my regular tender loving flute care sessions. I make an appointment with Bob usually two to three times each year and just love the time spent in his shop. Those pads of yours have really proven the test of time. Only one pad was in need of changing. I am really pleased with how long those pads have lasted. I remember working very hard many years ago when your pads were first installed in my flutes to lighten up my finger pressure because now it was possible. That might account for at least a bit of the reason why the pads have had such a long life. My flutes work a lot every day. Over the past seven years I think that I have had to replace only three (maybe it is four) of the original pads and that has happened only over the past two years. Bob is also very good at making sure that each pad is perfectly seated and that all is as it should be."

Maxence Larrieu, Soloist and Professor of Flute, Geneva Conservatory, Switzerland, Lyons Conservatory, France
"I can feel the difference because it's really very good for me. Because I have more sound and probably more expression. All my students say it's so much better. I am very happy."

Beth Lawrence, Carmel, Indiana
"I am so pleased with the performance of the Straubinger™ Pads. You put them on my flute almost eight years ago and they are still good.  Not one has yet needed replacing.  As an amateur flutist who plays regularly, it means a lot to have a dependable instrument that I enjoy playing!"

Karen Moratz, Principal Flute, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
"I myself have had so many times with the traditional pad where just at the worst possible moment, something will go out, and with the Straubinger™ Pad, I don't have to go in for repairs every month or so to get the flute readjusted."

Bernard Goldberg, Retired Principal Flute, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
"I have to relax more when I play. I don't need to worry so much about embouchure change from register to register because the flute responds better. And if I relax more as I play and concentrate on music, then the sound is -- it's strong and the third octave is much fuller."

Laurel Zucker, Soloist and Professor of Flute, Sacramento State College, California
"This year when I went to Russia, and I really expected some type of severe changes to occur with my pads, I found that even with the severe cold weather conditions, nothing happened.; I was a little chilly but the pads stayed intact. I highly recommend the Straubinger™ Pads."

Jim Walker, Soloist, Agoura, California
"David Straubinger's pads are incredible. My flute has never played so well."


José-Luis Estellés, Soloist and Professor of Clarinet, Musikene (San Sebastián, Spain) and Rotterdams Conservatorium (Holland), Principal Clarinet City of Granada Orchestra (Spain)
"Thanks so much for developing these wonderful pads. The music really sounds its best when you can actually feel there is silence below, and your Straubinger™ Pad is excellent both mechanically and in terms of evenness and resonance. The stability of the pad makes it possible for one to easily forget about maintaining the pads for a good period of time: thus, no news is good news. In my opinion, Straubinger™ Pads are AMAZING."

Jim Campbell, Soloist and Professor of Clarinet, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, Indiana
"Evens out sound of registers and response is excellent."

Eli Eban, Soloist and Professor of Clarinet, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, Indiana. Formerly 13 year Israel Philharmonic member.
"It gives me great pleasure to recommend the Straubinger™ Pad for clarinet. I find these pads to be mechanically reliable and extremely durable, holding a perfect seal even under the extreme stresses of frequent climate and altitude changes. Acoustically, Straubinger™ Pads enhance bore reflectivity in a way which increases the clarinet's ring and resonance evenly throughout the range, without excessively accentuating the higher overtones in the sound. Unlike some skin pads, they never split and buzz, and their closing action is more gentle and silent than that of cork pads. These pads are a pleasure to play in every respect."

Clark Fobes, Craftsman/Repairman, San Francisco, California
"I've had overwhelming success with these pads. People really like them; I love them. I insist that everyone use these pads; I'm not even giving them a choice -- they don't mind spending the extra bucks."

Fred Jocobowitz Principal Clarinet, Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, Annapolis, Maryland
"Three years ago, Roger Young told me about these experimental pads which you had developed for clarinet. I pestered him to get you to make up a set for my R-13. At the time, you hadn't yet come up with a full set so Roger was able to install them only on the lower joint. He put cork pads on the upper joint. Well, three years and millions of notes later, the lower joint still seals like a vacuum while I just had Roger replace some of the cork pads on the upper joint. GREAT PADS!! I've been telling lots of people about them. Thanks for developing them."

Howard Klug, Soloist and Professor of Clarinet, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, Indiana
"The Straubinger™ Pad you installed in the lower key section of my clarinet continue to seal fantastically through all kinds of weather, locales and altitude changes, and that's a comforting factor to a musician on the road. Your adjustments on my instrument have eliminated any possibility of having a case of the "mechanism mentals' during performances, and I congratulate you on your artistic talents."

Kornel Wolak, Clarinetist Soloist www.kornelwolak.com
"Having experienced David Straubingers' superb craftsmanship and meticulous approach to every detail, I need not to worry about reaching the level of satisfaction with any clarinets I will have brought to him. Besides his professionalism, David always displays a great deal of humbleness and fairness. I am privileged to have dealt with him and hope to continue our collaboration in the future."

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